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Simplify your integrations with Apache Camel

I’m excited to be giving a webinar on Wednesday (December 18th, 2013) at 9am MST (so that translates to 8am PST, 11 EST, and 16:00 UTC). I’ve already heard that the signups for this event are off the charts, so thanks to everyone who plans to join.

If you haven’t signed up yet, go sign up right now!!. It’s December, most places have code freezes, and you’re gonna be board anyway. Might as well make good use of the time :) .

The webinar I’ll be giving will be about Apache Camel, middleware, and how to simplify enterprise integrations.

Apache Camel is the de-facto standard “integration library”. Even so, I still often get asked “What is Apache Camel” and “why would I use it?”

The short answer comes down to this: Are you trying to get two systems (or more!) to talk to each other in order to help support a business service or business process? Or, are you trying to intelligently route, aggregate, or transform data/messages from producers to consumers? And lastly, do your integration points speak different protocols, transports, or languages?

Then yes, Apache Camel is for you.

The webinar will container a slightly longer answer with some more color, defined concepts, step throughs, and a live demo!

Camel Pic

2 Responses to “Simplify your integrations with Apache Camel”

  • HH says:

    Unfortunately I missed this webinar, I wonder if there was a recording available?

    • admin says:

      yah, it was recorded. i think if you follow the link to the webinar in a few days the recording should be available? Or it will be posted to not sure.. when i get the link i’ll update this blog post.

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