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ActiveMQ 5.9.0 + Apache Apollo at Phoenix JUG in September!

So I was planning to give a talk on ActiveMQ at the Phoenix JUG this August, but through no fault of my own, it has been rescheduled for September. Well… actually, I didn’t plan and coordinate it properly and got bumped… so kinda my fault.. but never fear, you can regroup and re-plan to join me the evening of September 11th for next month’s PHXJUG presentation.

Here is the abstract for my talk:

Apache ActiveMQ is the most widely used message-oriented middleware that uses messaging to connect remote applications written in Java,C,C++, Python,Perl, Ruby and many more. ActiveMQ is standards-based and supports messaging protocols such as AMQP 1.0, WebSockets, Stomp, OpenWire and MQTT.

Come find out about the latest upcoming Apache release, 5.9.0, and some of its new features including HawtIO, LevelDB, HA replication, and others.

Additionally, Apache Apollo is the “next-generation” of ActiveMQ built on a non-blocking/async core to scale out for future requirements >including higher numbers of connections, destinations, and faster messaging. I’ll present what it is, what makes it tick, and its future.

See you there! And plan on beer afterwards…

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