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Starting multiple JBoss A-MQ JVMs on the same machine

So I haven’t been blogging as much recently — just been really busy. But my New Year’s resolution is to blog a little more sharing some things I come across frequently, even if it’s simple stuff that might help some people out. So for this entry, I’ll show a quick way to start up multiple [...]

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Integrating Microservices with Apache Camel

Okay, so nobody is kidding anybody, Microservices isn’t a new concept… but it seems like it might be generating its own hype curve based on the frequency with which people feel compelled to label something people’ve been doing for a while and turn it into something new. Although Microservice style decomposition isn’t new, some of [...]

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Easy REST endpoints with Apache Camel 2.14

Apache Camel has a new release recently, and some of the new features were blogged about by my colleague Claus Ibsen. You really should check out his blog entry and dig into more detail, but one of the features I was looking forward to trying was the new REST DSL. So what is this new [...]

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Continuous Delivery with Docker, Jenkins, JBoss Fuse and OpenShift PaaS

I recently put together an end-to-end demo showing step-by-step how to set up a Continuous Delivery pipeline to help automate your deployments and shorten your cycle times for getting code from development to production. Establishing a proper continuous delivery pipeline is a discipline that requires more than just tools and automation, but having good tools [...]

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Developer Interview #3, my interview about HawtIO and Fabric8

Recently, in between waking up to help my wife with our ten-day old baby at wee hours of the day, I had a chance to be part of Markus Eisele’s Developer Interview series. I chatted casually about my experiences, OpenSource, and showed a quick demo of HawtIO and Fabric8 (more talked about it… but think [...]

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Apache Camel Developer’s Cookbook — ebook giveaway

Apache Camel Developer’s Cookbook by Scott Cranton and Jakub Korab is a large catalog of useful patterns, solutions, and best practices for developing and integrating applications with the popular Apache Camel library. The “recipe” format is very easy to follow; you can focus on the specific recipes that will help you solve a specific problem [...]

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HawtIO on JBoss EAP (Part II)

I just posted an entry on running HawtIO on JBoss Wildfly 8.1 recently. From that post you know how awesome HawtIO is, and all of the cool plugins it has to make managing your JVM based technologies from a single dashboard… well… hawt…. However, I wanted to dedicate a post to running HawtIO on JBoss [...]

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HawtIO on JBoss Wildfly 8.1 — step by step

HawtIO gives awesome eye candy to your JVM based middleware. It’s a unifying console for applications that would otherwise have to build out their own crappy web console; and let’s be honest, they’re all built differently, differing technology, different UX, and all around a terrible way to try to manage middleware in QA/PROD environments… I [...]

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Camel on JBoss EAP with Custom Modules

Apache Camel — the best open source integration library Apache Camel is an awesome, open-source, integration library that can be used as the backbone of an ESB, or in stand alone applications to do routing, transformation, or mediation of systems (read: integrating multiple systems). Camel is quite versatile and does not force users to deploy [...]

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JBoss Fuse DevOps Demo — step by step

I recently did a step-by-step demo on using Fabric8 or JBoss Fuse with an emphasis on DevOps. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Fabric8, check out the overview I put together a few weeks ago and check out the community docs as they freakin rock! But for the step by step demo, have [...]

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