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Video: Simplify your integrations with Apache Camel and Fabric8

I just finished my talk at DevNation on Simplifying your integrations with Apache Camel. It went great, and if you’re (or were) at the DevNation conference you probably got to see a lot of the new awesomeness from the Fabric8 team. If you didn’t make it to the conference, or missed my talk, well you’re [...]

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JBoss Fuse iPaaS on OpenShift : Getting Started

Well, you probably know my thoughts on cloud, PaaS, iPaaS and the like. In short, there’s a lot of hype around it, unscrupulous vendors, and some awesome magic involved. But there is some truth to it when you live in reality. And I prefer reality. So let me introduce you to an iPaaS built on [...]

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Integration platform as a service, the cloud, and… baby unicorns

Ahh yes, this mythical utopian “cloud” where unicorns frolic, butterflies abound, and magical elves fetch me a beer three quarters of a way into my current one. I love that place. I just saw this warm and fuzzy line on the website of an open-source wolf in sheep’s clothing company: “you can integrate any app, [...]

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Fuse at DevNation! Fabric8, Camel, ActiveMQ: 50% off

Interested in the JBoss Fuse technolgoies, or the new Fabric8 open-source community? Wanna meet James Strachan (Creator, HawtIO, Camel, [Groovy][/groovy]), Hiram Chirino (Creator ActiveMQ, Apollo), Claus Ibsen (Author Camel in Action, Core committer Apache Camel), Scott Cranton (recent author Apache Camel Developer’s Cookbook)? Well, here’s your chance! Sign up soon using (code DN50PEROFF) for 50% [...]

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Contract first web service integration with Apache Camel on JBoss EAP

Apache Camel is the most popular open-source integration library. You can implement complex routing, orchestration, transformation, and mediation with this library. With hundreds of connectors/adapters including those to common enterprise backends (file, sftp, jms, web-service, business-rules) as well as cloud services (SalesForce, Gmail, JClouds, Amazon Web Services]) and social services like Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox, [...]

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Lessons learned: ActiveMQ, Apache Camel and connection pooling

Every once in a while, I run into an interesting problem related to connections and pooling with ActiveMQ, and today I’d like to discuss something that is not always very clear and could potentially cause you to drink heavily when using ActiveMQ and Camel JMS. Not to say that you won’t want to drink heavily [...]

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Cooking with Camel: New cookbook with recipes for Apache Camel!

Word on the street is that Camel tastes good. Well, I can’t vouch for that (as I haven’t tried it…), but what I can vouch for is that working with Apache Camel for integration projects is awesome! If you haven’t bridled this beast of burden for some integration work, then I bet you’ve been wasting [...]

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Simplify your integrations with Apache Camel

I’m excited to be giving a webinar on Wednesday (December 18th, 2013) at 9am MST (so that translates to 8am PST, 11 EST, and 16:00 UTC). I’ve already heard that the signups for this event are off the charts, so thanks to everyone who plans to join. If you haven’t signed up yet, go sign [...]

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JBoss Fuse 6.1 + HawtIO Part I

It’s Open Source! JBoss Fuse is an open-source ESB and is the evolution of Fuse ESB after the Red Hat acquisition of FuseSource. It’s open-source, Apache v2 Licensed, and fully supported by Red Hat. One of the best parts is, you can download it and play with it for free and the same bits supported [...]

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JMS-style selectors on Amazon SQS with Apache Camel

This blog demonstrates how easy it is to use Apache Camel and its new json-path component along with the camel-sqs component to produce and consume messages on Amazon SQS. Amazon Web Services SQS is a message queuing “software as a service” (SaaS) in the cloud. To be able to use it, you need to sign [...]

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